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Epraise gives you the opportunity to see how well your child is getting on. This guide will show you how to register an account online and what information you can see.

Logging In

You will be sent an invitation from Epraise. Alternatively, visit this link:
Then, enter the email address you gave to the school, leaving the password field blank and select the Login/Register button. Epraise will send you an email containing a link that will allow you to set up your password.

If you forget your password, simply follow the above process to get a new link.

Tutorials & Quicklinks

When you first login you will see a tutorial which will show you different parts of the site. On the top right of the screen you’ll see 3 icons which are your quicklinks: 
Student icon – takes you directly to your child’s profile. 
Calendar icon – takes you to their Planner which you can also access under the My children tab. 
Exit icon - logs you out of the site.


The first screen you’ll see is the dashboard. This is an overview of what has been happening at the school.

Me > Settings

Here you can change your password and set your notification preferences. Milestone notifications are alerts sent directly to your email address each time your child reaches a milestone which is achieved by reaching a certain number of points.

Your child’s profile

You can view your child’s profile under the My children tab. Here you can see how many points they have been awarded and how well they have been doing in each subject and category. Each tab shows different information related to your child’s progress throughout school.

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