What pupils are learning about in PHSCE.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 Settling in. Sustainable Development Goals. Crime.
Autumn 2 Human Rights and Bullying. How are we the same and different? Your Shout – What interests you? British Values. The criminal justice system.
Spring 1 Look Good, Feel good. Politics and Europe. Money Matters. Drugs Education.
Spring 2 Puberty and Emotions Money Matters. Drugs and Alcohol, and Sex and Relationships Education. Sex and Relationships Education.
Summer 1 Thinking of others. Global issues. Global Citizen.
Summer 2 Community Focus. Active Citizens. Charity.

PHSCE Vision Statement

PHSCE at St Egwin's provides young people with opportunities to reflect and clarify their own values and attitudes. To explore with honesty and compassion the range of attitudes of others with tolerance and kindness. It contributes to personal development by helping to build confidence, resilience and self-esteem.

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