What pupils are learning about in MFL.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 Meeting and greeting. Classroom objects. Gender. Baseline assessment. Festivals and other events. Describing clothes. Describing appearance. Use of “avoir” and “être”. French shops and what they sell. Quantities. Money and prices. ER, IR, and RE verbs.
Autumn 2 Numbers to 100. Days, months and dates. Adjectival agreement. Feeling ill. Present tense of regular verbs. Weather and climate. Sport and hobbies. Weekend routine. European countries. Transport. Immediate future. Asking permission.
Spring 1 Describing pets. Word order. Ordering snacks and drinks. Opinions. Places in a town. Understanding directions. Using connectives. Using the tourist office. School life in France. Comparisons. Reflexive verbs. Daily routine.
Spring 2 Weather and seasons. Sports. Complex sentences. Use of common regular verbs. Going out. School subjects and opinions. Possessives. Common reflexive verbs. Staying with a French family. Introducing someone. Asking and answering questions. Past tense.
Summer 1 Telling the time. Clothes. Use of common irregular verbs. How to use resources. Mealtimes in France. Present tense of irregular verbs. Negatives. How to say “some”. Healthy eating. Describing recent events. Irregular verb patterns. High school assessment.
Summer 2 Prepositions. Use of the irregular verb “être”. Topic work on an aspect of French life. Holidays and leisure activities. Writing letters and emails. 24-hour clock. Simple past tense. Describing illnesses. Imperative verbs. “Avoir” expressions. Topic work.

75% of the world’s population does not speak English at all; therefore the study of Modern Foreign Languages is an important part of the curriculum at St Egwin’s.  All pupils in the school study French and have access to a wide range of resources. All of the teaching and support staff within the department are experienced, committed and enthusiastic. There is a positive and supportive approach to language teaching, where every child is valued as an individual regardless of their ability.

The department aims to develop the pupils’ awareness of what lies behind a different language, enhancing the richness and the diversity of a different culture by using authentic resources, as well as having links with pupils from different countries to help make language learning more relevant and exciting.

We have a penfriend programme with a school in Yzeure, France, and we are proud of our International School award which recognises the school’s cross curricular international links.

In Year Six, pupils have one lesson per week where they are introduced to the language and develop and reinforce the basic topics and language skills that they have learned at first school.

In Year Seven, pupils have two lessons per week, and learn how to become more confident with the language whilst learning a range of topics through the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Year Eight pupils also have two lessons per week, whilst developing their proficiency in all skills through a deeper understanding of vocabulary, grammar and tenses.

More able pupils in years 7 and 8 have three lessons per week, where they are introduced to GCSE type skills in preparation for transfer to High School. 
A brief outline of the topics covered can be seen below.

St Egwin’s offers all pupils in years 7 and 8 the opportunity of a residential visit to France. The trip is extremely popular and usually oversubscribed.
We have visited Normandy and the Opal Coast, and as well as visiting places of cultural and historical interest such as the Bayeux Tapestry and the Normandy Beaches, we have eaten snails and made croissants and biscuits, and practised our French of course!

“One language sets you in a corridor for life.  Two languages open every door along the way.”

-Frank Smith

Photos of our most recent trip to Normandy can be found in the gallery.

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