What pupils are learning about in Geography.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 World War 2. Biomes and Ecosystems. Plate Tectonics. Volcanoes.
Autumn 2 World War 2. Making Connections with the world. Earthquakes.
Spring 1 Tanzania - a global link. World Sport. Development.
Spring 2 Tanzania. Map Skills. Development.
Summer 1 Ancient Greece. Evesham: Our Town. Industry & Energy.
Summer 2 Rivers. Weather & Climate. Environmental Concerns.

In Year 6, pupils spend half the year investigating rivers and the country of Tanzania (with whom with have an international partnership at Dumila Primary School). Pupils will understand the physical processes that create the environments as well as how humans interact with these environments.

At Key Stage 3, pupils have 2 lessons of Geography a week.
In Year 7, pupils undertake the following topics:

  • Biomes and ecosystems
  • Making connections with the World (how our lives are interconnected to the rest on a local/national/international level.)
  • Global Sport
  • Map Skills
  • Evesham: Our Town
  • Weather and Climate

In Year 8, pupils study the following areas:

  • Tectonic Processes and human response
  • Development
  • Industry and Energy
  • Environmental Concerns

Lessons are high-challenge and engaging and encourage students to think and work independently.
Where possible, we aim to get ‘outside’ and use the natural world to reinforce and inspire the learning from the classroom; making use of the school grounds, the town and local rivers systems.

Geography at St Egwin’s introduces the pupils to the amazing world around us. Whether it is the local exploration of the area we live in or the global impacts of volcanism, there is something for everyone to discover.

-Mr S Jordan

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