What pupils are learning about in English.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 Non-fiction revision writing. Kensuke’s Kingdom. Reading & Writing Assessment. My Father is a Polar Bear - Reading. Reading Assessment. Journalism – report writing/media. Abomination. Writing Assessment.
Autumn 2 Fiction revision/extension. Writing Assessment. AF2/3 Reading Assessment. Christmas Carol – Reading. Writing Assessment. Ballads. Zoo Challenge. Reading Assessment.
Spring 1 Non-fiction writing extension. Boy. Reading Assessment: mock SAT. Macbeth. Reading Assessment. Marie Celeste - poetry. Speeches. Writing Assessment.
Spring 2 Non-fiction writing extension. Boy. Writing Assessment. Holes - novel. Writing Assessment. The Tempest - play. Controlled Assessment-writing.
Summer 1 Revision for SATs. Merlin. SATs. Writing APP. Reading paper revision. Reading Assessment. SATs Revision. Transfer exams.
Summer 2 Speeches. APP led writing project. Teacher Assessed Levels (reading and writing). Including 2011 Writing paper. Speeches. Advertising Project - speaking and listening. Teacher Assessed Levels (reading and writing). APP Writing Unit. Scene of the Crime - multi-skilled. Teacher Assessed Levels (reading and writing).

Writing assessments are based on the written evidence in student's work rather than through a writing test. This is considered to be a more accurate assessment and allows teachers to adapt their teaching to the immediate needs of their students.

In Key Stage three, every child has one dedicated reading lesson a week, focusing on a specific reading skill every half-term. 

English Interventions.

Quest - Yr 8 / Yr 6 buddy reading FLS - Further Literacy Support for Year 6 students.
Rapid Reading - aimed at improving the reading ages/comprehension of largely, Year 6 students. Rapid Read Plus - largely aimed at Year 7 and 8 students - aim: improve reading comprehension. 

Useful Websites.

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - great revision tool.
www.phonicsplay.co.uk - spelling.
www.primaryresources.co.uk – fantastic source of KS2 resources.
www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/english - great revision tool for KS2 / KS3.
www.goanimate.com – students create animations including dialogue – can then listen to it and check that it sounds correct.


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