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Too cool for costumes?

World book day – is there more to it than dressing up?

World Book Day has become a worldwide phenomenon in most countries. In an attempt to encourage children to read, this day was founded by the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation.

While exited children around the UK dress up for world book day, many students in high schools think that they are too cool to dress up. Nonetheless, there are a few secondary and high schools around the country that do get involved although it is more likely that they will invite wonderful authors to visit than to organise fancy dress competitions.

Some schools (generally first schools) are off timetable to do all-day activities such as story time; parents coming in to share favourite books; coming back to school at night for hot chocolate and stories in PJs; play making and visiting authors.

Do you dress up for world book day?-The wonderful pupils at St Egwins do.

Here at St Egwins we do dress up for the whole day. In fact 98% of our Year 6, 7 & 8 pupils wore a costume on March 4th this year. This might just be for the fun of it, but also a competition is held, with prizes, for those who have put the most effort and creativity into their homemade costume.

This year everyone made a terrific effort to try to win the competition. The winners of this event were Year 6 (solo) Esio Trot Alfie – by Holly. Year 7 (solo) Mary Poppins, with a handmade parrot umbrella head – by Kelsie. Year 8 (solo) Cindy-Lou Who from The Grinch – Lily. Group winners were in Year 7 and they came as characters from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe (with someone dressed as the wardrobe!) We think this competition inspires students both to read and to work creatively and cooperatively.

Wasn’t World Book Day meant for books?

We have noticed more and more children are coming dressed as common film characters, in bought costumes. We think this takes away from the original intension of inspiring young people to read more books so we are glad that St Egwins’ hold a competition for homemade costumes – we have to talk about books and characters in order to come up with our fantastic costumes.

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