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School Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

At St Egwin’s we feel that it is vital that tomorrow’s teachers have the best possible start to their careers in teaching, and this means a placement where they are encouraged and guided towards their aim of becoming a teacher.

Every member of our staff is dedicated to making your placement the best possible experience. As a trainee with us, you will have your own mentor and a weekly meeting to review the feedback that you will have received during the week, to set targets and to assess your progress towards the teachers’ standards. As well as this, you will receive a wealth of informal feedback, tips and advice in a friendly and supportive environment.


We are currently inviting applications for the following subjects to start training in September 2020:

  • Maths                                                        
  • History
  • Geography
  • English
  • MFL
  • Art
  • D.T.
  • Science
  • Primary

Bursaries are available for some subjects.

You can apply online via the UCAS website here.

If you have any queries regarding teacher training prior to applying via UCAS, please complete the form below.

John Clabbon

Director of ITT

For more information on courses, applications and bursaries please visit our partner, Prince Henry’s High School.

2017 SCITT Interviews.

See Holly's journey through primary training at St Egwin's.

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Our partner, Prince Henry's High School.


"St. Egwin’s Middle School went over and above my expectations. I was given many opportunities to try new methods and to develop my teaching practice. The school allowed me to have full access to their outstanding resources and with an incredible supportive environment"


"Comparing my teaching before and after my placement, I can see that I have improved greatly. This is down to the outstanding teaching that I was able to observe and the clear and structured feedback that I was able to receive from all staff."


- S Dyer, PGCE Secondary Mathematics (School Direct), 2015 - 2016


"St Egwin’s have supported me thoroughly throughout this placement ."


- S. Andrews-Ward B.A. Ed Primary 2017 - 2018


"The pupils and staff both made me feel respected as a teacher rather than just a student."


- D. Thomas B.A. Ed Primary 2017 -2018


"In a middle School there is much less exam stress (Y7 & Y8) than high School and therefore being placed here has allowed me to try new ideas which I may not have had teaching GCSE students."


- Anon PGCE Science 2017 - 2018

Trainee Feedback

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