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A Campaign for the New Year - Reduce the Vale’s Plastic by 50% in 2018

Plastic has been a great benefit to the human race but is now doing at least as much harm as good. Now, plastic is polluting our oceans, choking our rivers, poisoning our wildlife, and littering our streets. So, ‘Get Drastic with Plastic’ and ‘Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, or Reject - plastic which can’t be recycled’.

  • Plastic is now found in ever-larger quantities in every part of the globe.
  • 38 million pieces weighing 18 tonnes found their way to Henderson Island in the Pacific, one of the world’s most remote places.
  • Lumps of plastic have been found embedded in melting Arctic ice.
  • Plastic fibres are found throughout the food chain, even in our drinking water.
  • They enter the digestive systems of animals, fish, birds and us.
  • A million plastic bottles are made in the world every minute.
  • Britons buy 38 million (3 billion litres) and fail to recycle nearly half.
  • Mor to and more fruit and vegetables are sold in plastic containers.
  • Over 350 million tons of plastic are produced every year, most are not recycled.
  • We could.

  • Ask shops and supermarkets to please end urgently ‘one-use plastic’ (‘not yet/currently recycled’) and actively seek an alternative to all plastic usage.
  • Re-use our plastic bags and bottles we do buy, maybe 20 times each.
  • Campaign for deposits on plastic bottles (like we used to on glass…).
  • Buy our fruit & veg from the local farm shops, requesting no plastic wrapping.
  • Ensure all plastic is always recycled (don’t buy the black stuff, which isn’t).
  • Use bars of soap or refillable soap or shampoo bottles.
  • If you eat meat, buy fresh from local butchers, take your own bag.
  • Get milk delivered (fresher) in returnable glass bottles.
  • Use pencils instead of plastic pens.
  • Ban plastic straws, cutlery, coffee cups (buy a re-usable, just a tenner).

Aim to reduce your use of plastic by 50% in 2018!
(and maybe another 50% the year after).

Elements of the Campaign.

  • Public launch on January 8th with lots of waste plastic and key local figures.
  • Ask as wide a range of community groups and organisations as possible to endorse the campaign and urge their members to join in.
  • Encourage schools, in particular, to get involved.
  • Talk/write to local shops, supermarkets and businesses.
  • Develop publicity material, with stickers saying ‘Cut Plastic by 50% in 2018’.
  • Plan a programme may be linked with the Evesham Festivals through 2018.

The Eco Club takes an active part in keeping the school as eco-friendly as possible.

These are nine areas that we cover:

  • Healthy Living
  • Global Perspective
  • Biodiversity
  • School Grounds
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Litter
  • Waste

Useful Websites

Join the Pod

Keep Britain Tidy

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