Music at St Egwin’s is about so much more than just playing keyboard or singing ‘Gold’ in Friday afternoon assemblies!

Through their time at St Egwin’s students have the chance to learn a wide range of musical styles and instruments in their class lessons as well as opportunities to learn an instrument or take part in a music group outside of school time!

What pupils are learning about in Music.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 Building bricks of Music- Learning about the Elements of Music through a range of styles and instruments. The Blues- Why were the Blues so important? A look at their roots and how to improvise using the Blues scale. Leitmotifs- A look at Film music and how composers write music to describe a character’s mood or identity.
Autumn 2 The Orchestra- What is an orchestra and why is it important? Understanding sections and performing melodies. Ukulele- Performance of a range of popular songs on ukulele working on individual and group performances. Reggae & riffs- Who was Bob Marley? A look at the history of Reggae and group performances using a range of instruments.
Spring 1 West African Music- Looking at Ghanaian drumming and chanting traditions through performance and composition. Fanfares- What is a fanfare and why use brass instruments? Appraisal of a range of fanfares and composition of a fanfare for an event. Computer Game Music- How do composers write music for a computer game? Using Music technology software to mix a game soundtrack.
Spring 2 Ragtime & Jazz- Learning about key musicians and features as well as improvising on a range of instruments. Theme & Variation- A focus on Edward Elgar’s Nimrod variations and a look at how structures composers use. Popular song- A chance to work on instrumental technique and produce band covers of popular songs.
Summer 1 Music of the Far East- Looking at traditional Chinese and Gamelan music with a focus on composing within a set style. Garage Band- A look a Music technology and how to record, mix and edit a track using Garage Band software. Indian music- What is traditional Indian music and which instruments do they use? Understanding and performing music from India.
Summer 2 Samba- Listening and appraising Brazilian Samba music and performing using authentic instruments. Junk Percussion- STOMP! Inspired percussion performances using a range of everyday items. Songwiritng- A ‘musical futures’ inspired look at developing popular instrumental skills and band work.

Outside of classroom lessons students have a chance to perform in one of our fantastic practice rooms each set out with top-level equipment to make their instrument learning as pleasant as possible. Here is a list of the St Egwin’s instrumental team:

Mr. P Stones- Head of Expressive Arts 
Mr. G Bennett- Head of Guitar
Mr. P Guest- Head of Drums
Mr. A Chester- Head of Popular Strings (Bass & Ukulele)
Mrs. S Edwards- Head of Piano
Mrs. C Hodgetts- Head of Woodwind
Mrs. H Davies- Head of Classical Strings

For more information on starting lessons please contact Mr Stones at:
[email protected]

There is also a wide range of music groups that take place, inclusive to a wide range of abilities and ages. These are open to anyone who wishes to join and shows commitment to the group. There is no charge for any of the extra-curricular music at St Egwin’s. Here is a plan of the extra-curricular music that goes on at St Egwin’s:

Monday                          Podcasting club (Lunch)            
Tuesday                          Music technology (Lunch)         St Egwin’s Choir (15:15-16:30)
Wednesday                                                                            Pops Orchestra (15:15-16:30)
Thursday                         Samba group (Lunch)                 School Musical (15:15-16:30)
Friday                               Ukulele group (Lunch)

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