What pupils are learning about in English.
  Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
Autumn 1 Non-fiction revision writing. Kensuke’s Kingdom. Reading & Writing Assessment. My Father is a Polar Bear - Reading. Reading Assessment. Journalism – report writing/media. Abomination. Writing Assessment.
Autumn 2 Fiction revision/extension. Writing Assessment. AF2/3 Reading Assessment. Christmas Carol – Reading. Writing Assessment. Ballads. Zoo Challenge. Reading Assessment.
Spring 1 Non-fiction writing extension. Boy. Reading Assessment: mock SAT. Macbeth. Reading Assessment. Marie Celeste - poetry. Speeches. Writing Assessment.
Spring 2 Non-fiction writing extension. Boy. Writing Assessment. Holes - novel. Writing Assessment. The Tempest - play. Controlled Assessment-writing.
Summer 1 Revision for SATs. Merlin. SATs. Writing APP. Reading paper revision. Reading Assessment. SATs Revision. Transfer exams.
Summer 2 Speeches. APP led writing project. Teacher Assessed Levels (reading and writing). Including 2011 Writing paper. Speeches. Advertising Project - speaking and listening. Teacher Assessed Levels (reading and writing). APP Writing Unit. Scene of the Crime - multi-skilled. Teacher Assessed Levels (reading and writing).

A Midsummer Night's Dreamin'

Is a digital theatre project from The Royal Shakespeare Company and Google+.

Pupils from St Egwins took part in a day-long SWIPE activity and created their own interpretations of parts of the play which can be seen on the dream40.org website.

Year 8 Short Stories

These pieces were written in 10 minutes. The year 8 students had 2 minutes to generate ideas from an image and then 8 minutes to write. Afterwards, they were asked to identify the linguistic techniques they had used and the intended impact. Finally, they tested whether they had achieved their desired impact, by reading it to a partner who gave them specific feedback.

Writing assessments are based on the written evidence in student's work rather than through a writing test. This is considered to be a more accurate assessment and allows teachers to adapt their teaching to the immediate needs of their students.

In Key Stage three, every child has one dedicated reading lesson a week, focusing on a specific reading skill every half-term. 

English Interventions.

Quest - Yr 8 / Yr 6 buddy reading FLS - Further Literacy Support for Year 6 students.
Rapid Reading - aimed at improving the reading ages/comprehension of largely, Year 6 students. Rapid Read Plus - largely aimed at Year 7 and 8 students - aim: improve reading comprehension. 

Useful Websites.

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - great revision tool.
www.phonicsplay.co.uk - spelling.
www.primaryresources.co.uk – fantastic source of KS2 resources.
www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/english - great revision tool for KS2 / KS3.
www.goanimate.com – students create animations including dialogue – can then listen to it and check that it sounds correct.


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