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 Thursday 16th November, 2017

Good evening, 

We are in need of a new parent Governor.  There is a vacancy for a parent/carer who would be interested in joining the governing body at St. Egwin's.  Please let me know if you are interested. The deadline is the 1st of December if you want to apply.

We are looking to help Class Catering recruit an additional cook. Are there any parents who are interested in 10-hours-a-week? See Mrs. Duckett if you would like more information.  We are also looking for another lunchtime supervisor to do an hour a day.  We'd love a member of the school community to take up the invite. It's a paid role and we'll even provide you with a St. Egs jacket!

Fantastic turn out at parents'/carers' evening last night for KS3.  Great to hear so much positive news about pupil progress.  Thanks for the very positive feedback about the R2L card - I'm sure Mr. Langley will appreciate it.  We are going to have to consider 2 back-to-back evenings to accommodate the increased numbers.  More on that soon.

I met with a representative from the Town Council today and am very excited about the opportunities for our children to get involved with litter picking, road safety and other activities.  Our community is our responsibility and I'm sure we can come together to improve Evesham.

We will be introducing ParentPay very soon.  We hope that we will all see the benefits of this time-saving system.

Nick Pullan

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It is our belief that pupils want to learn, know how to learn and should be able to tackle new challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. Pupils are consulted and involved in decisions through the school council, pupil forum and eco-council. We regard the social, emotional and spiritual development of children to be at the core of our daily responsibilities. As a Church of England school, we strive to live according to Christian principles, fostering in the young tolerance, forgiveness and love. Creativity in all its guises is celebrated. To maximise potential and for everyone to enjoy success is our ultimate goal.

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